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  • Gluten Free Easy Bakers Special White Mix

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    Return Policy

    If in consultation with our customer service team it is determined that a product is not fit for purpose or is damaged in a way that renders it unsafe or unsuitable for consumption then Laucke will work with that customer to ensure they get a replacement product. Any consumer using product purchased from any retail outlet is encouraged to retain their proof of purchase until the product is consumed. If a problem is likely to have occurred whilst the product was in the care of the retailer the product will need to be returned to that retailer for refund or replacement depending upon the policy of the store. Being a food item that is very attractive to a number of different insects it is not uncommon to find some insect activity in products that insects have had an opportunity to drop onto during any stage of the distribution. Refrigeration or freezing will halt insect activity but some evidnce of the activity by way of photograph or returned sample will be required to confirm infestation to allow the replacement process to be followed. The breeding cycle of most insects in ideal conditions is about 20 - 30 days so we can estimate the point of entry by assessing the numbers and amount of incidental matter such as webbing and larvae.