Drought is gripping much of Eastern Australia.

Australia is a large country that encompasses a broad diversity of regions, each with their own unique topography, soils and environment. Each region of Australia is farmed for food and fibre where possible. 

Laucke 1kg Easy Bakers Gluten Free Availability.

Coles recently made the decision to delete our 1kg Easy Bakers Gluten Free from the Health Foods aisle of their stores. This was disappointing given the products sold quite well and the deletion was against our recommendation. There may be a chance that the product could be re-introduced in Coles to be located in the Flour and Baking Needs aisle. We are currently awaiting the outcome of this decision from Coles.  

Coles and independents maintain the Laucke range

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal customers, for your incredible support over the last few weeks. Your reaction to news that Woolworths was going to remove a range of popular Laucke products from its shelves has been very heartening and reaffirms the importance we place our relationship with our customers.