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SA CWA scone mix will stay on Woolworths shelves ...


SA CWA scone mix will stay on Woolworths shelves after the supermarket giant reaches agreement with flour supplier Laucke

Giuseppe Tauriello, The Advertiser November 17, 2017 9:52am

THE South Australian Country Women’s Association is celebrating the sweetest of victories after Woolworths backed down from a threat to pull Laucke’s much-loved scone mix from its shelves.

The supermarket giant has bowed to intense public pressure, agreeing to Laucke’s request for a marginal increase in its wholesale price for the popular scone mix product. Laucke flour mill owner Mark Laucke confirmed that an agreement with Woolworths had been struck on Friday, which would see the popular scone mix retained on Woolworths shelves.

SACWA state treasurer Sharyn Muller said the decision was a major relief to the organisation and its members. “It’s absolutely terrific,” she said. “I know a lot of our ladies have been ringing in here and have been very concerned.”

“SACWA is known to be a very proud organisation and I guess they (Woolworths) started to think that if our members use their feet and walk away, then there is the potential to lose a lot of market share.”

While an agreement has been struck for the scone mix product, Mr Laucke said three of its other products had been deleted from Woolworths shelves, while negotiations on the future of three of its other products are continuing.

The Advertiser Editorial - November 17 2017


Consumer power

THE South Australian Country Women’s Association is right to celebrate the retention of its renowned scone mix on Woolworths supermarket shelves.

Woolworths recognised the consumer demand, based on public pressure for the much-loved scone mix not to be removed because of manufacturer Laucke’s request for a marginal increase in its wholesale price.

Unfortunately, three other Laucke products have been deleted from Woolworths’ shelves, while talks continue about another three.

The dispute flared a few months ago after Laucke’s power contracts expired and the 100 per cent Australianowned company was suddenly hit with a 50 per cent bill increase at its sites in SA and Victoria.

This was coupled with an increase in the cost of raw materials.

Consumers now have the opportunity to vote with their wallets, just as they did to trigger the incredible revival of Spring Gully Foods a few years ago.

Supermarkets will find it hard to resist Laucke’s request if the CWA scone mix starts flying off the shelves because of people power.