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Woolworths Laucke Deletions

We wish to advise with great sadness that Woolworths have recently taken a decision to delete a number of Laucke products from their National Store Distribution, and that these products will be replaced by others that Woolworths believe are equivalent.

We are devastated by their decision as they have chosen to delete some family favourites especially 5kg Wallaby Bakers Flour and 1kg Pizza & Focaccia just to name two. This disappointing decision comes following numerous attempts over several months by Laucke to recover unavoidable and significant increases in the costs of electricity and ingredients to us, which have impacted our business severely. Our justifiable cost increases were rejected by Woolworths across these items which led to Woolworths delisting decision.

Laucke is 100% Australian owned, managed by third and fourth generation family members and this decision by Woolworths puts Aussie jobs at risk. It will also affect our external supply chain and support network including farmers, truckies, merchandisers and other people that provide resources to Laucke and these suppliers.

For our 1kg CWA Scone Mix, Laucke is proud of its 10 year partnership with the South Australian Country Women’s Association whereby proceeds of this product sold are donated to the SA CWA to assist rural families in need. Deleting the 1kg CWA Scone Mix will significantly reduce those donations that would have benefited such a worthy cause. Also affected will be the struggling Kangaroo Island Grain Farmers with the unique and excellent baking qualities 1kg Kangaroo Single Origin Flour no longer being offered for sale by a major supermarket chain.

The deletion of the following products will come into effect from Nov 27th, 2017. Indeed, some of these products are even now no longer available on some Woolworths supermarket shelves.

  • 5kg Wallaby Bakers Flour – Ref # 309217 
  • 1kg Pizza & Foccacia Mix – Ref # 381343 
  • 1kg CWA Scone Mix – Ref # 727561 
  • 1kg Ciabatta Mix – Ref # 772231 
  • 2.4kg Golden Wholemeal Mix – Ref # 252200 
  • 1kg Single Origin Kangaroo Flour Classic – Ref # 899023 
  • 1kg Single Origin Kangaroo Flour Rising – Ref # 899044

Your continued support means so much to us. If you are used to purchasing any of these products from Woolworths, we thank you and appreciate your loyal support. We will continue to drive every effort to work with Woolworth’s management to have this decision reversed and continue to support the remaining products and Australian food production businesses.

If you feel just as passionate as we do about our products and creating the best baking experience, please contact your local Woolworths store or their National Customer Support Centre (1300 767 969) and pass on your disappointment and feedback.

In the meantime, 5kg Wallaby Bakers Flour, 2.4kg Golden Wholemeal Mix are available in your local Coles and Independent (IGA, Foodland) supermarkets amongst a proportion of our product range. The Kangaroo Flour with its unique provenance and quality attributes can only be found in selected independent supermarkets and direct from Laucke.

So as to provide easier access to your favourite Laucke products in future, we are able to provide all our products direct to you on inquire; and are upgrading the functionality of our on-line sales and adding a search function to our website and this will be available at shortly.

Further, we looking forward to increasing the availability of our products throughout independent supermarkets in the near future. Thank you for your continued support.

Best Regards,
The Laucke Team.

Should you have any further queries or feedback, please: to email CLICK HERE or telephone: (08) 8536 5555 or 1300 133 331