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Trade Baking Information


Laucke has a 4 generation history of service to the baking industry with bakeries of all types and sizes playing an enormous role as part of the foundation of the business.


During this time bakers have helped shape the service offering  from Laucke including customer specific products where warranted.


Whilst much of the information provided here may be of a very generic nature we are happy to discuss specifics at any time.



We have a comprehensive baking resource in data and personnel ranging from bakery setup to production including recipes. This is freely shared with customers to add value to their businesses, particularly products and processes. As a result of our endeavours many bakeries around Australia are enjoying the fruits that are borne out of effective collaboration with a supplier that understands the businesses upon which it relies.





Adequate dough development (mixing until clear) and appropriate water absorption are by far the single biggest detractors from end product quality and appearance.


The protein network in a dough progressively becomes more extensible (less short) and the resistance to mixing increases as the dough becomes more bound due to the protein binding. As the dough approaches full development (optimum mixing) the mixer has to work harder and draws more power and then the workload decreases as the dough becomes over mixed.


A properly mixed dough will more ably support itself as the CO2 is generated during fermentation and have sufficient strength to maintain the dough through oven spring, baking, removal from the oven and cooling. An under developed dough may run out of structural strength and result in collapse or poor volume and very coarse uneven crumb structure.


Correct water absorption has more to do with ensuring the dough is adequately hydrated to enable good handling and final product shape. Too tight a dough will be harder to mould requiring more rest during moulding and shaping. Too wet a dough for the required product will result in mis-shapen products that are harder to handle during processing.




Ask your Laucke Customer Manager for input if required not only to get the best out of your flour but also to ensure you are using the appropriate flour for the product being made.