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Trade Baker Recipes

Laucke strives to be the premier supplier of quality flour, flour based and gluten free products.
Our customers are supported by a network of fully qualified technical and practical bakers that can individually or collectively be deployed to assist with:

Introduction to Laucke products
Implementation of new products
Access to our Artisan Baker in Residence especially Artisan products.

There are a range of flours designed for specific end products characterised by the marsupials after which they have been named. Laucke premixes exist to enable the simple production of a very wide range of end products including gluten free. We have specialist flours custom designed for specific end uses and have the ability to produce customer specific flours where volume can justify the process.

1. Big Top Muffin Mix
2. Bio-Fort Golden Wholemeal Mix
3. Bun Mix
4. Cake Donut Mix
5. Cross Mix - Hot Cross Buns
6. Crusty White Mix
7. Dark Meal Mix
8. Dark Rye Mix
9. Easy Bakers Gluten Free Meals & Grains Mix
10. Easy Bakers Gluten Free Special White Mix
11. Fibre White Mix
12. German Grain Mix
13. Golden Multigrain Base
14. Laucke Hot Cross Bun
15. Light Rye Mix
16. Multigrain Meal
17. Multigrain Mix
18. PhytoSoy Mix
19. Scone & Pancake Mix
20. Scone Mix
21. Super Soft White Mix
22. V8 Utility Cake mix
23. Yeast Donut Mix