Rapid cycle for all Panasonics
There is a short loaf setting of 1 hour 55 minutes on these machines. The short cycle loaf will more resemble a bakery loaf in appearance and texture and may be preferable to some people although the loaf will be down in volume, under-baked and the crust will not be dark. If customers insist on this cycle, they will get the best loaf for this setting if they use an additional ¼teaspoon of yeast and the dark crust setting. This will improve the baking effect. The heavier loaves like Wholemeal and PhytoSoy do not bake out sufficiently on the short cycle in these machines. We recommend the 4 or 5 hour cycle for best and most consistent results.

Effect of Heat on all recent Panasonics
Heat will affect Bread Machine settings. Some machines alter their start and cycle times based on machine temperatures and these cycle variations will change loaf quality. If the machine is too warm, most Panasonic machines will, on their basic 4 hour cycle, double the initial “Rest” time of 30 minutes to 60 minutes, and thereby reduce essential kneading time, giving a smaller loaf.
This occurs both during hot weather and as a result of previous utilisation during that day. To use the basic cycle, the machine must be cool before use.

Bucket sizes: 500g and 1kg
Ingredients order: Add Yeast, Bread mix then the Water
Recipe/setting suggestions: The Laucke Large Loaf recipe or 600g recipe produces a good high quality loaf. The optimum result when using Laucke bread mixes is achieved using the 4-hour cycle.
This machine tends to produce a slightly smaller volume loaf than earlier models, but still very acceptable. Selecting the “dark” crust tends to give best results – the standard crust setting is a little too light.
Gluten Free: This machine has a gluten free program that produces a reasonable result. Our Easy Bakers Gluten Free range may be produced, by reducing the water by 10-20mL from the standard recipe. Follow the instructions of the machine, ie: add water then the bread mix, but for best results, we have found using the lightest crust setting and luke warm water gives a better result.