About Us


Laucke Flour Mills was established in 1899 by Friedrich Laucke, a German miller who came to Australia to work and travel and establish the business now renowned internationally for the production of a broad spectrum of speciality flours and mixes for the food industry and the home baker.

At Laucke, we understand the connection between quality ingredients, quality nutrition and your health, and seek to provide safe foods that improve health and are a pleasure to eat. We adhere to the highest national standards and we are proud to be accredited through the leading quality control programs.

At Laucke Flour Mills, we are committed to being regarded as the market leader and premier supplier of quality flour-based products in the Australian and International marketplace.

We seek to develop and provide enjoyable and health focussed food products while building mutually beneficial partnerships with value chain participants, operating from a business environment characterised by personal integrity, diligence, and a fundamental desire to satisfy our customers’ needs.

We will achieve this by:

  • Supplying products and services to our customers that meet or exceed their expectations.
  • Producing safe food products that improve health and are a pleasure to eat.
  • Promoting ethical business practices, and always operating with integrity.
  • Treating our employees, customers and suppliers with both deference and respect.
  • Seeking to innovate, and to continuously improve.
  • Operating efficiently within an organised and safe working environment.
  • Forming strategic partnerships with supply chain players, seeking to productively interact but never to control any partner to their disadvantage.
  • Constantly building our expertise.
  • Driving constant improvement in the Grains Food Processing industries.

At Laucke Flour Mills, therefore, we are committed to optimum performance for all our products and helping all our customers create healthy foods that are a delight to eat, whether that be in a commercial bakery or kitchen, or at home.