Note to all home bread makers.

The weather is warming up so please note the following.

All machines develop heat during kneading and proofing, even though the ingredients and machine might be within that optimal range before kneading is commenced. During hot weather, the extra heat generated by the bread making process causes variable loss of loaf quality because the yeast works too quickly. Due to the cumulative effect of temperature, it can be expected that as temperature of the environment rises above 25 to 27 degC there will be an increasing detrimental affect on loaf quality. To reduce or eliminate heat effects, use refrigerated water to create a cold dough and use the machine in a cooler environment if possible.

However with the Panasonic bread machine, if the room temperature exceeds 25Deg C, and adding refrigerated water - the machine will still automatically alter the baking cycle to the 3 hour cycle resulting in a sub standard loaf for a Panasonic.

The problem with excessive fermentation is very airy bread that stales quickly and is difficult to slice.