Grains of Provenance

Laucke Flour Mills introduce Grains of Provenance flour.

Australia’s oldest family-owned flour miller Laucke, has for many years been crafting products derived from grains of known and traceable sources. Laucke believes it is now time to spread the word about the heritage and potential of Australia’s clean grains and their promise and performance across the country’s unique regions. 

Laucke are enormously proud to be partnering with Mallee and Kangaroo Island farmers, Skala Bakery and Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), on the production of single origin flour products, that are crafted from grains of known and traceable sources in the same way the wine industry produces wine from selected varieties and regions.

Grains just like wine, taste and perform differently according to the variety, origin, soil and local climate. It’s incredibly exciting, Mallee and Kangaroo Island farmers have grasped this opportunity and developed the sophistication to produce and supply us with grain that is identifiable, tracked and documented.

Laucke’s single origin flour can now be traced from the actual paddocks on Kangaroo Island and in the Mallee —right through to the individual loaf of bread you share or pastry you enjoy.


A unique product range made from single origin, certified and fully traceable wheat, sourced directly from farmers in Australia’s high-quality grain regions – the Mallee and Kangaroo Island. The grain is milled into the highest quality flour by Laucke. Skala's artisan bakers then craft the delicious range of breads & buns.

To find out more about the Grains of Provenance project CLICK HERE

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