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Gluten Free Baking

A growing number of people are choosing to limit or avoid foods containing gluten. Some do so in response to an allergy, while others just believe they feel slightly better when they remove gluten from their diet.  

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Sandwich Suggestions

Australia's favourite portable snack or meal is, undoubtedly, the sandwich. From the basic Vegemite, through the dainty, crustless cucumber sandwiches for afternoon tea to the definitely upper-crust lobster or smoked salmon varieties, sandwiches are enjoyed by all at any time of the day or night. Remember, they may be hot or cold, thin or thick, open or closed. The choice is up to you.

Storage of Flour & Bread Mix

Flour and Bread Mix are generally regarded as stable and safe food products; however they are susceptible to degradation through contamination and incorrect storage. For best results, Laucke offer the following advice: