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Baked Goods Storage

Once you have baked your flour based products you should be careful to store them properly.

A few rules to remember:

  1. The most rapid rate of staling occurs at 4 Deg C gradually reducing up to 25 Deg C and effectively stopping at -18 Deg C. Most refrigerators run at between 4 and 6 Deg C making them the last place to store baked flour based goods.
  2. Depending upon the formula used some products may stay acceptably edible until they go mouldy or too stale over several days whereas other generally lean recipe goods tend to at their best on the day of baking and not as acceptable the next day.
  3. All flour based baked goods generally freeze very well and if placed in an efficient well maintained freezer where they can quickly freeze to below -18 Deg C can be maintained in excellent condition for several weeks. As a rule of thumb a product should come out of the freezer in the same condition as it went in unless it takes too long to freeze. If it takes several hours to freeze solid, some loss of freshness will occur.
  4. The best way to freeze is to place the smallest units like individual rolls or buns into small plastic bags and freeze them individually only accumulating them into a large bag after they have frozen. A large loaf of bread is better either sliced and/or divided into several pieces, individually wrapped and frozen. Spread products around in the freezer until frozen so that the surface is completely exposed to the cold air.
  5. Bread defrosts the best at room temperature with sliced bread best left in plastic as opposed to crusty bread such as baguettes being allowed to thaw uncovered for at least 30 minutes but preferably an hour or more to recover the crust. A short spell in a hot oven will also bring a crust back very well. A microwave can be used but even if slightly over done the crumb will become very soft and doughy and will stale very quickly. Two slices of bread for example placed apart in the microwave should only take 15 – 20 seconds to defrost sufficiently to make up sandwiches.
  6. Contrary to popular opinion any baked flour based products can be re-frozen without fear and once again should emerge in the same condition as they were prior to freezing.
  7. To avoid freezer burn you should exclude as much air as possible from the package that any product is to be frozen in and be prepared to double bag if you wish the product to remain in the freezer for more than a couple of months.
  8. There is no need to defrost bread to be toasted as it will still toast very well although it may take a little longer. Some toasters even have a frozen bread setting.