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Sandwich Suggestions

Australia's favourite portable snack or meal is, undoubtedly, the sandwich. From the basic Vegemite, through the dainty, crustless cucumber sandwiches for afternoon tea to the definitely upper-crust lobster or smoked salmon varieties, sandwiches are enjoyed by all at any time of the day or night. Remember, they may be hot or cold, thin or thick, open or closed. The choice is up to you.

The wide selection of breads available will provide an endless variety and nop matter what shape, flavour or texture they can all be made into sandwiches.

Just make sure the bread is fresh and the filings are flavoursome.

As well as sliced wholemeal, white and mixed grain, vienna, tank and rye (light or dark), try cob, damper, pita pockets, Lavash, crusty or soft rolls, lengths of fench sticks or baguette, bagels, muffins, crumpets, croissants, foccacia, pagnotta, continental fruit, fruit and nut, herb, cheese or cheese and bacon loaves, some dusted with flour, others crowned with semolina, oatmeal, poppy, sesame or caraway seeds.

Here are some suggestions for filling combinations which may please:
  • Asparagus, sliced tomato, fresh basil leaves.
  • Alfalfa sprouts, grated carrot, cheese and chopped celery.
  • Baked beans, chopped grilled bacon, chopped celery.
  • Alfalfa sprouts, salmon and cucumber.
  • Cheddar cheese, tomato and apple.
  • Avocado, cooked prawns and lemon juice.
  • Baked beans and grated tasty cheese.
  • Avocado, celery, tomato, lettuce.
  • Avocado, cold scrambled egg.
  • Cottage cheese, pineapple, preserved ginger.
  • Camembert cheese, green grapes.
  • Cream cheese, dates, pineapple and cracked black pepper.
  • Ham, grainy mustard.
  • Cottage cheese, celery, tuna and sprouts.
  • Cheddar cheese and sliced pears.
  • Cheddar cheese, hard boiled egg, corn or gherkin relish.
  • Grated cheddar cheese, creamed corn, grilled bacon, capsicum.
  • Corned beef, tomato, mushrooms, sprouts, gruyere cheese.
  • Ricotta cheese and fresh sliced peaches.
  • Pastrami, cheese, tomato and mustard.
  • Edam cheese and salami.
  • Cream cheese, smoked salmon, onion rings and dill or capers.
  • Ricotta cheese, sliced red apple and fresh green grapes.
  • Ham, horseradish, avocado, lemon and cracked black pepper.
  • Corned beef and pickled onion slices.
  • Roast lamb, yoghurt, tomato, celery and onion or tabouli.
  • Celery, cucumber, red capsicum, grated carrot, luncheon meat.
  • Ham, mushrooms and gherkins.
  • Rare roast beef, horseradish cream, sliced cucumber, tomato.
  • Smoked beef, mustard cream and salad.
  • Tabouli salad, lettuce and feta cheese.
  • Drained mixed beans salad, hummus and tabouli.
  • Swiss cheese, salami, onion, black olives and salad.
  • Egg, creamed cottage cheese and gherkin.
  • Chicken, creamed cottage cheese, walnuts or pecans.
  • Chicken, sliced strawberries.
  • Turkey and camembert (warmed).
  • Chicken liver pate, chopped mushrooms.
  • Chicken, bottled mango sauce and sprouts.
  • Turkey, toasted slivered almonds, cranberry jelly.
  • Chicken fillet (warmed), satay sauce, alfalfa, cucumber, tomato.
  • Stir fried vegetables and chicken strips.
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