Laucke Certified Safe Practices Australia


Laucke Certified Safe Practices Australia


Several years ago Laucke Flour identified the need for an independently audited set of standards that covered all practices employed from farmers paddocks to our product delivered to bakers, where food safety risks needed to be managed.



Australia has an enviable reputation with respect to Food Safety based on the fact that all food manufacturers in Australia are required to comply with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) – based Food Safety Standards as set by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ).


The FSANZ standard excludes food primary production activities. Requirements for some primary production activities have been developed for seafood, meat, poultry meat, eggs, dairy industry and seed sprouts... but not for grain.

The ‘Laucke Certified Safe Practices Australia’ (LCSPA) Certification System has been developed as an independently audited Standard that fills this gap. It is built on Australian ‘best practice’ Grain and Food Industry standards and the application of practices based on Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety standards. The LCSPA System requires the application of best practice safety standards to grain production and the associated food production supply chain. The use of this Standard provides traceability, transparency and credibility for the final products, giving consumers confidence in the origins and safety of those products.

What is it?

The “Laucke Certified Safe Practices Australia” System ensures that food-safe practices are applied to all relevant processes as performed from the growing of grain by farmers, to the Transport, Storage, Processing and Handling of grain in to flour. All Operators who are verified by independent audit as applying the system to the Standard are then Certified. Thus the integrity of our grain as food can be protected, and is traceable; from Farmer to Baker.Importantly it provides supporting documentation that will allow the auditing and traceability of those products, and allows Certified Operators to utilise the system Trade Mark.

How it works.

The Farmer.

The farmer controls all pertinent farming processes as part of a System, and records all relevant information about their farming systems. The farmer is independently audited by a HACCP-certified auditor.


Emphasis is placed on systems that provide effective management control practices and require the use of approved treatments and good farming practices, such as to:
• Develop and maintain a Safe Practices Management Plan in accordance with the Standard.
• Supply produce and product that is GMO free.
• Utilise Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) control measures for all perceived Hazards as identified and listed.
• Implement required controls and maintain required standards for all inputs into soil and crops.
• Implement required controls and maintain required standards for all grain handling from paddock to the mill.

Transport & Storage.

A food business must, when receiving, storing, handling and transporting ingredients and food; provide protection from the likelihood of contamination.

Laucke Certified Safe Practices products are to be located, transported and handled in a manner that prevents contamination or substitution with substances or products not compatible with the practices described in this Standard.

All receival, storage, handling and transport facilities are to be designed, constructed and maintained in accordance with System practices, and all such Operators must be LCSPA Certified so as to control the risk of food becoming contaminated.

The Miller.

Laucke Flour Mills risk-manage and control all relevant processes and record all relevant information about their milling practices in accordance with the LCSPA Standard and are independently audited by a HACCP-certified auditor, where:
• LCSPA controls the inclusion of Chemical and Biological and Physical contaminants, Food Allergens, and Food Additives.
• Laucke have Safe Practices Management Plan in place in accordance with HACCP and the Standard.
• Laucke track and keep segregated each batch of LCSPA grain from the farmer through to the product that is supplied to the baker.

Laucke Flour Mills continues to be an industry leader for the application of control Systems such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and International Standards Organisation (ISO) Management Systems. Our Systems ensure that Laucke products are produced and controlled according to quality standards.

Further, the food safety control systems of Safe Quality Food (SQF), HACCP, and now Laucke Certified Safe Practices Australia (LCSPA) are utilised to control the risks involved in food manufacturing that cannot be managed by product testing alone.

The Baker.

Bakers who utilise Laucke Certified Safe Practices Australia products are able to display the Trade mark on their labelling with text stating:

The Customer.

Your customer will be confident the product they are purchasing utilises flour that is produced using Certified Safe Practices from the Farmer to the Baker.

For the first time, the entire grains foods supply chain, from Farmer to Baker, will be fully traceable, fully controlled for food safety and independently audited.



The Opportunity.

With your support as a first-mover, it is our intention to progressively grow the capability and reach of the System that is Laucke Certified Safe Practices Australia.

The relevant FSANZ standards, to which all Australian food processors must comply, are applied as and where appropriate and have been referred to within the Standards of Laucke Certified Safe Practices Australia.

Where Laucke Certified Safe Practices Australia flour is utilised anywhere in the world to create product, Laucke will allow the use of the Laucke Certified Safe Practices Australia Trade Mark on the display and packaging of that food product.

With current conventions, there is minimal or no on-farm control of any aspect of food safety, and no mandatory food safety Standards. For grain Receival, Storage and Handling, most food safety hazards are not identified, there are visual inspections only, minimal or no controls applied to processes and practices, and effective testing cannot be practically performed.

Laucke CSPA introduces hazard assessment and control at all identified critical process points from farm to baker, starting with soil management and only finishing with the delivery of flour to the baker. The Hazards listed below, and more, are considered and then controlled:
• Chemical Contaminants - pesticides, weedicides, fungicides, fertilisers, heavy metal
• Biological Contaminants - coliform group bacteria, moulds, aflatoxins, toxic alkaloids, inappropriate organic materials, animals and their by-products
• Physical Contaminants: foreign objects, inert grain protectants, mineral aggregate and earthen particles, metal, glass, radioactivity
• Other: genetically modified organisms, allergens, food additives

In alignment with Certified Organic, and consequent to LCSPA hazard assessment and control, the food additives of Folic Acid and Thiamine are intended to be excluded from LCSPA flour. However, due to current FSANZ Regulation, this cannot yet happen. LCSPA are applying to have the FSANZ Standard varied so as to exempt Certified Safe, in line with current Certified Organic.

The LCSPA products are the same unique quality flour products you are used to using, enhanced by the innovation of full traceability and certification to the highest food safety standards and further enhanced by certified assurance that food safety has been risk-managed to the highest practical standards as an endeavour to eliminate any adverse outcome.

The result is traceable, sustainable grain-based food production practices that are unique to Laucke CSPA flour products, paired with the individual product quality attributes that you have learned to trust.


You will be able to offer your customers confidence in the sustainability, traceability and safety of the flour used in your products from Farmer to Baker.


The LCSPA Products.

The Laucke Certified Safe Practices Australia logo is our promise to you that our world class flour is made from grain sourced from independently certified farmers ensuring safe practices, traceability and sustainability on every step of its journey from the paddock to you.