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Pasta Making - By Mixer & Hand

There is nothing better than the taste of home made pasta and it quite simple to produce.
This recipe shows how to make pasta either by hand or using a suitable mixer.


 Laucke Type '00' Flour 250 g
 Water 90 ml
 Egg 1 whole egg


  1. Add the ingredients to mixing bowl.
  2. Drop the head of the mixer if necessary and turn the mixer onto the slowest speed. Allow to mix for as long as it takes to form a stiff dough.

  3. Remove the dough from the mixing bowl and roughly form a rectangle with the short end about half the width of the pasta machine roller.

  4. Open the sheeting roller up to the widest setting and pass the dough through several times by reshaping after every pass. The dough will become a little softer and quite a bit smoother.

  5. Then reduce the thickness by passing the sheeted dough through whilst reducing the gap of the reduction rollers. Once you have a nice thin sheet this can be fed through the pasta cutter. Dust the spaghetti as it extrudes from the cutter.

  6. Once finished place the spaghetti into boiling water with or without salt and / or butter for 5 minutes. Then pour into strainer whist being careful to avoid scalding. Toss a knob of butter if desired through the spaghetti prior to serving