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Pasta Making - Using Machine

There is nothing better than the taste of home made pasta and it is extremely easy using a Phillips Automatic pasta machine and Laucke Type '00' Flour.


 Laucke Type '00' Flour 250 g
 Water 60 ml
 Egg 1 whole egg


  1. Plug machine into power source and remove the safety cover.

  2. Transfer the three ingredients into the mixing chamber.

  3. Replace the safety cover ensuring it clips into place. Push the power on button and then the Auto button followed by the start button.
    Have a bowl to place under the outlet, a small container of plain flour and a flat edged tool like a metal ruler or the side of a metal spatula or similar to cut the extruding spaghetti to the desired length.

  4. After 4 minutes a crumble will have formed in the mixing chamber not a smooth dough. The machine will automatically reverse and begin extruding the spaghetti strands.
    Using a flour duster or by hand, sprinkle a small amount of flour on the extruding spaghetti to stop it sticking together.

  5. Then using whatever cutting implement you have selected slide the edge across the extruder plate to sever to the desired length. Repeat this process until all the pasta has extruded.
    It may be necessary to remove the safety cover and push any remaining crumble into the extruder and replace the cover.

  6. Once extruded place the spaghetti into boiling water either with or without salt and or oil and allow to boil for 5 minutes. Pour into a strainer over the sink being careful not to scald yourself and if desired toss a knob of butter through the spaghetti before serving with the sauce of your choice.