Chinese Steam Buns

It is possible to make superb Steam Buns with a minimum of fuss using your bread maker, or any other dough kneader – whether by hand or machine. Any Laucke Bread mix will perform well, although a Sweet Bread & Bun mix would not be our first choice. Other products would also require the addition of 2 tablespoons each of sugar and oil or butter per 600 g Bread mix. Using a bread Machine, because the dough will not be proofed and baked in the machine, you will be able to increase the amount of mix used. Most bread machines with Large Bowls will be able to mix and knead up to double the quantities suggested below.

With other methods of kneading, such as by hand or using a Kenwood mixer, you may elect to choose to mix any amount.

The amount of water suggested below for each mix should give soft, sticky, smooth dough that can be readily handled by hand after thorough kneading in a machine, and a rest. If, due to many variables, the dough is too tight, add more water. If too sticky to handle, add some more bread mix.



500 g Sweet Bread & Bun Mix 1 packet
4.5 g Yeast 1½ tsp
300 g Water 1⅕ cups
500 g Super Soft White Bread Mix 3⅛ cups
3.8 g Yeast 1¼tsp
310 g Water 1¼ cups
28-42 g Butter 2-3 tbsp
12 g Sugar (optional 3 tsp


  1. Mixing / Kneading 

    a) For a Bread Machine, select either the Basic or the Dough setting in order to produce a well kneaded dough piece. Add all the ingredients to the bread machine in the order prescribed by the machine’s manufacturer. Do not let the sugar come into direct contact with the yeast.

    b) For Hand or other Machine kneading, add all the ingredients, and knead thoroughly to obtain a soft and elastic dough.

  2. Once the kneading process is finished, with any machine ensure that it is turned off, and remove the dough from the mixing bowl. Use a little dusting flour to help reduce stickiness, and endeavour to keep the dough warm all the way through the following processes until baking. Cover the dough with a bowl, and rest for 10 minutes. 

  3. Divide the dough into 12 even portions and shape into smooth surfaced round balls and place onto 100 mm square pieces of baking paper with any rough surface down on the paper. Let stand covered until doubled, about 30 minutes. You may need to use the microwave or an esky with some boiled water as a warm humid proofing environment. 

  4. Boil water in a wok, and turn down to very slow boil. You will need a wire frame on which to stand a tray or plate that will be out of the water. Put the risen buns onto the plate leaving at least 20-25mm space around each one, and transfer to the frame in the wok and cover wok with a lid. Steam buns for 20 minutes. Try to avoid having the water condensate inside the wok drip onto the buns and that the buns are not in contact with the boiling water. 

  5. Repeat until all buns are cooked. 

  6. If you have bamboo or some other stacking steamer with sufficient space to take the buns you can stack them, but may need to increase the steaming time a little. 

  7. ENJOY. They can be filled with any pasted filling such as tuna or salmon or they can be cut and have more chunky fillings placed in them. Generally served warm. 

  8. Fillings can also be wrapped in the dough before steaming but with microbially sensitive fillings like seafood and other meats it is important to ensure that the fillings attain sufficient temperature to destroy any bacteria. 

  • Yeast Bread
  • Steam for 20 minutes


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