Crusty White Mix

Crusty White Mix is designed for the easy production of a wide range of superior speciality crusty breads and rolls such as Coburgs, German rolls, Vienna sticks and Baguettes.


12.5 kg Crusty White Mix
188 g Yeast (dry)
7.6 kg Water (variable)


  1. Carefully weigh out dry ingredients and place in bowl. If using compressed yeast double the quantity.

  2. Add water to give a finished dough temperature of 28°C. Keeping the dough tight to give best results.

  3. Mix dough in the normal manner for your machine making sure the dough is well developed (smooth and clear). Whilst acceptable results may be obtained on slow speed mixers, best results will be obtained on medium or high speed machines.

  4. Give 10 minutes rest (floor) time. During this time the dough relaxes, becomes easier to handle with more extensibility. This gives the potential for the best possible products.

  5. Scale to the required size, and round.

  6. Give 10 minutes intermediate proof.

  7. Final mould into desired shapes. Space the products evenly on trays so they do not touch, this will give the greatest crust area.

  8. Give the oven a good shot of steam immediately before and after loading. Crusty breads benefit from extra steam in the initial stages of baking. Can use a hand spray if steam is not available.

  9. To set the crust at baking, use a high initial heat until the steam clears, then bake out slowly.

  10. For heavy or thick crusty rolls or loaves bake long and cool eg. up to 90 minutes at 375°F - 400°F / 190°C - 200°C.

  11. For thinner, crispier crust products, such as Vietnamese rolls or French sticks, bake at 420°F / 210°C for up to 25 minutes.

Helpful Hints

  • It is important to give the dough two rests as this improves the overall quality of the finished product.
  • The use of this baking mix will certainly go a long way in improving the overall characteristics of crusty baked rolls and loaves. Good practices though and a suitable oven will always have a significant effect on crust.

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