Fruit Loaf - Using Laucke Super Soft Bread Mix


Ingredients Volumetric
500 g Laucke Super Soft Bread Mix 3⅛ cups
7 g Yeast 2¼ tsp
15 g Sugar 1 tbsp
6 g Butter, Oil or Margarine 1¼ tsp
200 g Dried Fruit 1 cup
15 g Mixed Spice 1 tbsp
335 g Water 1⅓ cup


  1. Method when using Bread Machine:

  2. Add all the ingredients, with the exception of the fruit into the bread machine in the order prescribed by the machine’s manufacturer.

  3. Select either the basic or a fruit setting depending on the machine.

  4. Some machines will notify you with a beep when the fruit should be added, however some don’t, in which case you will need to add the fruit 5 minutes prior to the end of the mixing cycle.

  5. The machine will do the rest.

  6. Method when making by hand:

  7. To make Super Soft Fruit Loaf by hand, increase the yeast to 12 g (4 tsp) and reduce the water to 300 ml for easier dough handling.

  8. Preheat oven to 210°C Conventional or 190°C Fan Forced.

  9. If kneading by hand, mix all the ingredients together, with the exception of the fruit, which can be added a few minutes prior to finishing kneading. Considerable effort will be required to achieve the desired smooth and elastic dough necessary for best results. One of the most important principles if hand kneading dough is to ensure the gluten in the flour is sufficiently developed. This can take some time, up to 20 minutes! A very useful method to determine if the dough has been kneaded is to conduct the following ‘Window Test':

    1. Stop kneading and pinch off a piece of dough.

    2. Using both hands, grasp opposite sides of the piece of dough with your fingertips.

    3. Slowly pull your hands apart and stretch the dough to approx 3 - 5 cm.

    4. The dough should look like a window with a thin membrane in the centre.

    Evaluating the Results:

    STOP KNEADING: If the dough forms a window-like membrane and stretches without breaking.

    KEEP KNEADING: If the dough won't stretch easily and tears.

  10. Place the kneaded dough in a bread tin. Ensure that the dough remains warm. Cover with a damp cloth and leave in a warm, draught free environment.

    For example: Place boiling water in a tray. Sit the bread tin on top of a container that will lift it up and out of the water. Place this in either an esky or a microwave oven. This will provide warmth and moisture.

  11. Leave for approximately 50 minutes until loaf has doubled in volume.

  12. Place the tin in the oven at 210°C Conventional or 190°C Fan Forced for approximately 30 to 35 minutes.

  13. When baked, remove from the tin and place on a wire rack to cool.

  • Sweet Bread
  • Bake: 30 - 35 minutes


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