No Knead Ciabatta


500 g Laucke Ciabatta Mix
1/2 sachet Yeast 1/2 tsp
360 ml Water 20º C


  1. This is a very simple NO knead method but must be prepared the day before it is needed.

    Place ingredients into a large mixing bowl except for the yeast which we reduce to half of the sachet or about ½ teaspoon. Adjust water to about 22 Deg C and add amount prescribed on the packet.

  2. Using the handle end of a large wooden spoon or your hand with or without a food glove just carefully stir the ingredients until all the flour has gone and you have a sticky dough.

    Then either place in an oiled tub with lid or just cover the bowl with glad wrap and place in a warm environment such as towards the back on the of the top of your refrigerator and leave overnight for at least 12 hours.


  3. Tip dough from bowl or tub onto a well floured cloth or other surface gently scraping it out if necessary. Using a flat blade or scraper gently cut the dough piece into desired size and shape using flour as necessary to avoid the dough sticking excessively and being gentle to avoid knocking the gas out of it.

  4. In this image you can see the dough being divided into one long Ciabatta and three smaller ones and then being gently stretched and placed straight onto an oiled baking tray.



  5. The unbaked products can be baked now or let stand (covered) for another 20 – 30 minutes to allow the texture to proof out a bit more before baking.

  6. Bake at 180 deg C for 30 – 40 minutes to your preferred degree of colour. Best baked on a pre-heated baking stone in which case the individual pieces would need to be transferred onto the stone at the time of baking.

    If you want a really authentic crust then place a heavy baking pan in the bottom of the oven when pre-heating it and pour a cup of water into the pan when you place the Ciabatta in there.

    Be careful to avoid scalding by the steam when opening the oven.

  • Bread Mixes
  • One Large Loaf


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