Ingredients Volumetric
600g Laucke Multigrain Soy & Linseed Bread Mix 1 packet
9g Yeast 3 tsp
387g Water 1½ cups
6g Butter, Oil or Margarine (optional) 1¼ tsp


  1. Preheat oven to 210°C Conventional or 190°C Fan Forced .

  2. Use your bread machine or a suitable mixer to mix ingredients and knead the dough, or alternatively knead by hand. If kneading by hand, considerable effort will be required to achieve the desired smooth and elastic dough necessary for best results. One of the most important principles if hand kneading dough is to ensure the gluten in the flour is sufficiently developed. This can take some time, up to 20 minutes! A very useful method to determine if the dough has been kneaded is to conduct the following ‘Window Test':

    1. Stop kneading and pinch off a piece of dough.
    2. Using both hands, grasp opposite sides of the piece of dough with your fingertips.
    3. Slowly pull your hands apart and stretch the dough to approximately 3 – 5 cm.
    4. The dough should look like a window with a thin membrane in the centre.

    Evaluating the results:

    STOP KNEADING: If the dough forms a window-like membrane and stretches without breaking.

    KEEP KNEADING: If the dough won't stretch easily and tears.

  3. Depending on the dough size made, weigh a dough piece of between 500 g and 700 g

  4. Use a rolling pin or by hand, gently flatten (the dough may need to be rested for up to ten minutes) the rounded dough piece to about the size of a dinner plate. Then carefully trying to avoid rupturing the finished surface of the dough roll it up into a Vienna shape trying to seal the final seam with the heal of your thumbs and place on a lightly oiled tray. Keep any ragged edges or seams facing down.

  5. Lightly flour (if desired) the moulded dough, and then place a cut about 1 cm deep the length of the top.

  6. Place the tin in a humid draught free environment, for example, place boiling water in a tray. Sit the bread tin on top of a container that will lift it up and out of the water. Place this in either an esky or a microwave oven. This will provide warmth and moisture. Place the loaf in the oven at 210°C Conventional or 190°C Fan Forced for 30 to 35 minutes until baked.

Helpful Hints

  • YEAST: Superior results are obtained when baking by hand, by doubling the Yeast quantity from the standard bread machine recipe stated on the Laucke Bread mix packaging.
  • WATER: The amount of water suggested should give a soft, sticky, smooth dough that can be readily handled by hand after thorough kneading in a machine, and a rest. If the dough is too tight, add more water. If too sticky to handle, add some more bread mix or Laucke Wallaby Bakers Flour.
    Note: Use tepid water which will help your dough to rise.
  • BUTTER/OIL: If adding Butter, Oil or Margarine, please make a compensatory reduction in the amount of water used.

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