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Ciabatta Mix

This specialty mix has been specifically created

to produce flavoursome Ciabatta.

Crusty White Mix

A favourite choice for its light texture

and delightfully crisp crust.

Crusty White Rolls

Ideal for baking speciality crusty breads,

German rolls, Vienna sticks, Baguettes and Pizza bases.



Welcome to Laucke

Good grains, Great flour

The best bakers know that the best flour is where great baking begins. 

Laucke Flour Mills know the best grains so you get the best flours.

We’re renowned internationally for the production of a wide range of high quality flours for the food industry and home bakers; with special focus on unique flours such as artisan, certified organic and mixes for home baking.

The passion for our industry, our grain growers, our mill team and our customers continues the great Laucke tradition, as started in 1899.

News & Reviews

The 2016 Wheat Crop - Lower levels of protein, price implications.

In 2016, we experienced a rarity: farmers were able to “bless again the drumming of an army, the steady soaking rain” that spread over most of the grain-growing regions of Australia. As a consequence, farmers have generally achieved bountiful crops. Indeed, we are all very much blessed because nearly every paddock is producing much more grain than expected.

This has led to two outcomes: a generous abundance of grain that has led to a lower level of prices for commodity grain, and widespread and significantly lower levels of protein in the wheat grain which results in less gluten and potentially poorer quality baked products.



Note to all home bread makers.

The weather is warming up so please note the following.

All machines develop heat during kneading and proofing, even though the ingredients and machine might be within that optimal range before kneading is commenced. During hot weather, the extra heat generated by the bread making process causes variable loss of loaf quality because the yeast works too quickly. Due to the cumulative effect of temperature, it can be expected that as temperature of the environment rises above 25 to 27 degC there will be an increasing detrimental affect on loaf quality. To reduce or eliminate heat effects, use refrigerated water to create a cold dough and use the machine in a cooler environment if possible.


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Hi Laucke!

I'm based in Brisbane and have a small cake baking business called ****** & I also delve a little into blogging!

I have recently discovered home made Cinnabuns (or cinnamon scrolls), and boy am I addicted.

I made a batch a few weeks ago using your Kangaroo Flour and they were absolutely, 110% perfect, fluffy, moist and delicious.

Well, I quickly ran out of the Kangaroo flour; so ran to my local Coles to pick up some more. Unfortunately they didn't have any, so I grabbed ******** flour and baked the Cinnabuns again, but they just weren't the same light, fluffy consistency. Instead they were heavy and dry, and also seemed to go stale quickly. I figured I had done something wrong, however another 2 batches later, it became apparent it had nothing to do with what I was doing.

So I made the 20 minute trip to Woolworths to buy Kangaroo Flour & baked the buns again last night - they were PERFECT!

The difference in results is astonishing; I really couldn't believe it. I've never been one to buy cheap brands or low quality products, especially for baked goods, but I thought the **********flour would be, well, a premium product (how wrong of me to assume!).

I've never really thought much about the effect high quality flour or products in general would have on my baked goods, but I could never go back now!

I LOVE your Kangaroo Flour, and will use it in all my recipes from now on.

Thank you for making such a perfect product.

I'll certainly be recommending this to everyone I know, those who read my blog & those who follow me on Instagram.

Lastly, if there's any way you could get Kangaroo Flour stocked in New Farm Coles; that would be amazing!

Thanks again,

- Love the Kangaroo Flour