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Ciabatta Mix

This specialty mix has been specifically created

to produce flavoursome Ciabatta.

Crusty White Mix

A favourite choice for its light texture

and delightfully crisp crust.

Crusty White Rolls

Ideal for baking speciality crusty breads,

German rolls, Vienna sticks, Baguettes and Pizza bases.



Welcome to Laucke

Good grains, Great flour

The best bakers know that the best flour is where great baking begins. 

Laucke Flour Mills know the best grains so you get the best flours.

We’re renowned internationally for the production of a wide range of high quality flours for the food industry and home bakers; with special focus on unique flours such as artisan, certified organic and mixes for home baking.

The passion for our industry, our grain growers, our mill team and our customers continues the great Laucke tradition, as started in 1899.

News & Reviews

Celebrate Fermentation Event.

A team of delegates enjoyed lunch at the Celebrate Fermentation event held at the beautiful Bress Winery, Harcourt VIC.



About Sodium and Common Salt in baked products.

The sodium content of the Laucke Retail range of products have been reduced in accordance with the global covenant on sodium reduction. Some facts about sodium, salt and the baking process.


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We have been using your bread making products for years and even though it is a simple bread to make your Ciabatta mix has to be one of the best. Our bread maker died recently and we found the Ciabatta mix to use as a stop gap while we got parts for the bread maker. Made a loaf for Christmas Day and it was demolished in no time. Made a loaf for lunch today and it's almost gone.
Keep up the great work Laucke, your bread mixes are the best.

- Ciabatta Mix