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Home Baker

Whether a product is wheat based or gluten free Laucke has it covered and this website will provide information additional to the extensive on pack instructions.

We strongly advise consumers to read the instructions on the pack prior to using the product as there will be tips and tricks to help avoid wastage due to missing a step or compromising the product.

Through our network of distributors and resellers (postcode search for your nearest stockist in Aus/NZ) every home in Australia, New Zealand and much of the rest of Asia can access a Laucke product to make and bake at home.

Most questions emailed to our hotline relate to water addition in yeast raised premixes for bread machines. There is no set water rate that works for all machines. The best result is achieved when the dough adheres slightly to the bowl when mixing but gradually moves from one part of the bowl to another allowing the paddle to move through the dough where it works to alter the gluten to form a smooth elastic dough. If the paddle bats the dough ball around the bowl or just spins around in a soup the result will be poor.