Coles and independents maintain the Laucke range

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our loyal customers, for your incredible support over the last few weeks. Your reaction to news that Woolworths was going to remove a range of popular Laucke products from its shelves has been very heartening and reaffirms the importance we place our relationship with our customers.

Despite overwhelming consumer criticism, we are greatly disappointed the retail giant has refused to accept a marginal increase in the wholesale price of Laucke products and, as such, delisted the following products:
  • 5kg Wallaby Flour 
  • 1kg Pizza and Focaccia Mix 
  • 1kg Ciabatta Mix 
  • 2.4kg Golden Wholemeal Mix 
  • 1kg Single Origin Kangaroo Flour Classic 
  • 1kg Single Origin Kangaroo Rising

This decision is all the more perplexing given we are delighted to advise that Coles and Metcash, representing independent supermarkets including Foodland & IGA have accepted the wholesale increase as completely justifiable, based on recouping costs associated with rising power and raw material charges.

Of the seven Laucke products originally announced for deletion by Woolworths, only the 1kg SA CWA scone mix will return to the shelves. Given the benefits it provides to rural families in need, we are delighted this product will remain on the shelves for now. However, Woolworths’ commitment beyond the current media storm and public backlash remains to be seen.

The retail giant’s decision to delete six Laucke products is not only a major blow to our proudly fourth generation Australia family-owned business, but also poses a significant threat to local investment and jobs along our national supply chain. Laucke products will continue to be stocked in Coles, independent supermarkets and selected specialty retailers.

We encourage you to support these and other retailers who choose to support local jobs and manufacturing.

We are also pleased to provide you with a new feature to our website to help find your favourite Laucke products stocked by supermarket and location.
This can be accessed via the following link: CLICK HERE