Iodine within Laucke Mixes as created for Home Bakers

On the 9th of October 2009, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) implemented the regulation that commercial bread must be manufactured using iodised salt.     

However, bread made at home is not covered by that requirement. Therefore, iodised salt may or may not be used in the manufacture of a Mix created for home baking purposes.  It is a conscious choice by Laucke Flour Mills to not use iodised salt in our flour-based Mixes for home baking. We believe that, as a manufacturer of a food product to a vast range of consumers, it is not appropriate to use food as a means to “mass medicate” an entire population. Iodine is a good example of why we adopt that position.  Iodine is certainly an essential natural mineral component of the food in our diet, but supplementary Iodine can also cause adverse reactions for a group of people who are generally unknowing of their sensitivity to that form of iodine as administered, or are unaware of their susceptibility to iodine poisoning and the symptoms.

Many years ago, we approached Professor Basil Hetzel as Australia’s foremost expert on Iodine deficiency for his opinion on whether we should supplement our mixes with iodine where sold in Tasmania which is a region where population groups are generally recognised as being deficient in Iodine. He advised that we should not, and he explained that there are more dangers associated with iodine overdose than deficiency, so we decided that we should not then provide supplementary iodine as part of the food ingredients that we create. As an aside, the cost to Laucke to utilise iodised salt versus non-iodised salt in our Mixes is insignificant. Our choice to use non iodised salt is not based on cost. Our choice is based on our concern for human health and welfare. Indeed, it would be much more convenient for us to utilise Iodised Salt in our mixes because we already source, stock and provide Iodised Salt to our professional Baker-customers.

Therefore, because we believe that treating an entire population with a non-natural-food-based vitamin or mineral supplement will provide a benefit to some people and may well provide a detriment to other people; we consequently believe that an individual’s medical condition should be treated as specific to that person. We also believe that neither Industry nor Government should seek to minimise potential or existing disease by supplementing food with non-natural additives, and so we elect to where possible maintain the natural integrity of the foods that we create, and restrict where possible the supplementation of our foods with additives such as Iodised salt and Folic Acid.

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