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Laucke introduces a Bake at Home Sourdough Bread Kit.

Ever wondered how to make and bake your very own authentic Sourdough Bread?

Want to take advantage of the benefits of extended & natural fermentation, and enjoy high quality, great tasting and healthy Sourdough bread, but didn’t know where to start?

We at Laucke have created a Bake at Home Sourdough Bread Kit that will get you started in what we hope will become the basis for your life-long Sourdough baking journey. To celebrate the achievements of Leon Bailey, our recently-retired Artisan Baker in Residence, we have developed a bake-at-home sourdough Kit. This kit contains a dry Sourdough Starter derived from Leon’s 14+ year active San Francisco Sourdough Starter, naturally preserved so as to maintain the viability of that wonderful, natural and wild culture of diverse micro-organisms.

The Starter is ready to be re-activated with water and regular feeds of Laucke flour. With comprehensive step by step instructions, you’ll be able to activate the Sourdough Starter, create your dough utilising high quality Laucke Single Origin Flour from The Mallee region, and bake your very own professional-quality Sourdough bread to impress your family and friends. (To find out more about Mallee single origin grains CLICK HERE)

With the kit, you will also learn how to maintain and keep your Sourdough Starter active and healthy so that you can reliably continue baking, time and time again.

The Laucke Bake at Home Sourdough Kit contains:

  • 1 x 50g Laucke Freeze Dry Sourdough Starter – made in Australia with 100% Laucke Flour. 
  • 1 x 1.9L Sistema Plastic Container (to create and maintain the Sourdough Starter). 
  • 1 x Bake at Home Sourdough Booklet with comprehensive instructions by our Artisan Baker in Residence.  
  • 1 x Laucke Calico Bread Bag. 
  • 1 x 4g Sachet Baker's Yeast (optional addition to your final dough). 
  • 2 x 1kg Laucke Single Origin Mallee Flour – Classic White flour with all the Provenance of The Mallee. After you have utilised all The Mallee flour, you can source more such flours from our Web store.

There’s only a limited amount of kits associated with this Celebratory Offer, which is available while stocks last from the Laucke website online store CLICK HERE

Should you have any further queries or feedback, please: to e-mail us CLICK HERE, or call 03 5438 1700 or 1300 133 331.