Our Quality Promise

Friedrich Laucke was very proud to become an Australian citizen and so over 100 years ago he gained Royal approval to associate the symbols of Australia into the branding of his flour bags.

The same kangaroo, emu and crown remain today, incorporated within our seal of quality on our product packaging, and represent our quality promise to you:

“We will always endeavour to exceed your expectations for quality and service.”


The provision of quality products is fundamental to business success.

Laucke Flour Mills have always recognised this and have a culture that fosters the passionate involvement of its employees and encourages that pleasure be taken from their achievements.

That passion and pride, led by Friedrich, has been an essential part of what has delivered quality products and service to our customers for over 100 years.

However, for any business to be sustainably successful, it is absolutely essential to ensure reliability and sustainability of both quality and performance.

To ensure that we can continue for another 100 years to satisfy our customers, it is necessary that we not only continue to be very well organised, but continue to improve.

To so do, we have progressively adopted Quality, Management, and Food Safety Systems to underpin our efforts.

At Laucke, we believe accreditation of suppliers and processors through quality and management system programs is important to you, our customer, because these systems mean that you can be confident we are maintaining the highest standards of production and quality.

As a leading company in the milling industry, we have not only supported the development and application of improved practices and standards, we seek to be a leader in the utilisation of such systems.

We have therefore developed and apply enduring and accredited systems of work to ensure that the business will always have the capability to

  • have full control of all process-based activities

  • complete all tasks and processes to adopted formal standards of excellence.

  • consistently produce products to the highest and formalised standards.

  • continuously evolve, adapting to become more efficient and effective at what we do.

Accreditation means that we and our suppliers where practical are externally audited and are provided certificates as part of verification and validation to demonstrate that we comply with both our own standards and the standards of others.

Thus by accreditation we at Laucke can be assured that our suppliers are consistently capable, and our customers can be assured that our products and services are consistently to a high standard of quality and safety, and that we are committed to continuous improvement.

There’s no point to striving for these certifications if there is no commitment to follow through every day. We have the passion to make that commitment, every day.

Thus we will always combine the essentials of structured attention to detail, hard work, and passion to ensure that we always provide you the best quality flour products.


To us, customer satisfaction is paramount. And we want you to tell us if we don’t (or if we do) exceed your expectations!

We have, through our customer support service, trained support staff including professional bakers and a baking technologist just a phone call away when you need them.

As a home baker, we seek to assist you by developing new products and evaluating each batch of our current production in our test kitchens. For example, we obtain at least one of every model and make of bread machine as marketed, and assess and develop the performance of our products in them.

We’re both happy and very capable to help you with tips and advice to get the best results with our Laucke Bread Mixes and other products.

As a professional baker, we have two fully equipped pilot bakeries, and trained staff to work in our bakery or yours to assist you obtain the results you seek.

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All food manufacturers have a moral and legislated requirement to provide safe food.

We choose to meet even higher standards by utilising appropriate ISO and HACCP management and food safety systems; SA, NASAA and other certified organic systems.

The ISO or International Organisation for Standardisation creates and develops standards for some 163 countries around the world. The ISO publishes standards based on world best practice and ensures organisations seeking accreditation meet those standards.

HACCP means ‘Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point’ or, more simply, is the System that high risk businesses in the food industry use to identify, manage and control food safety risks such as contamination.

Certified Organic Systems ensure that the integrity of organic produce is obtained and maintained through the food chain. We are accredited by several organic certifiers.

To initiate interaction between you and us regarding our standards and quality management, email us at bread@laucke.com.au

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