Ingredients Volumetric
500 g Laucke Ciabatta Mix 1 packet
360 g Water 1⅖ cups
4 g Yeast 1 sachet


  1. Using a domestic Mixer with dough attachments:

  2. Place Laucke Ciabatta Mix, yeast from sachet and lukewarm water in the mixing bowl.

  3. Mix for 10 minutes on low speed, then for another 10 minutes on medium speed.  Continue from Step 6.

  4. Using a Bread Machine:

  5. Mix using the dough/pizza cycle.

  6. Transfer dough into lightly oiled container, cover for 1 hour.

  7. Gently Divide into your required number of pieces, 1 for Extra Large Ciabatta, 2 for Large, 4 for Medium, 8 for Small Ciabatta.

  8. Grasping the ends of the dough piece with each hand, gently stretch out into the desired shape and thickness. You will need to dust with flour or mix.

  9. Pre-heat oven to 230°C.

  10. Carefully place each piece onto a well floured cloth and cover for a further 35 minutes.

  11. Gently place onto an oven tray or pizza stone and bake in a pre-heated 230°C oven for about 25 minutes.

  12. Preparing the dough without using a Mixer or Bread Machine:

  13. This very sticky dough can be mixed without using your hands.

  14. Place all ingredients (as with machine mixing) into a mixing bowl and using a sturdy spoon or spatula briskly stir into a smooth dough/paste.

  15. Leave the mixing tool in the bowl, and cover it all for one hour.

  16. Uncover and mix again for about 4 – 5 minutes, and then remove the mixing tool whilst scraping any adhering dough back into the bowl.

  17. Cover again for a further 60 minutes.

  18. Continue from step 7.

Helpful Hints

  • This dough is supposed to be quite ‘wet’ and sticky – use plenty of dusting flour
  • Ensure that the dough remains warm and the skin does not dry out
  • Take care not to de-gas the dough during handling
  • Shaping the dough is very important – the ends of the dough piece must be lifted using 4 fingers, grasped, and gently stretched out so that the resultant bread will be about 60 mm thick
  • For increased flavour and appearance, Rock or Sea salt crystals may be sprinkled on to the final dough piece before baking
  • Baking on a pizza stone will give best results

  • Laucke Specialities


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